What stared off as a humble yet ambitions portfolio of the country’s very first decorative laminates, has today snowballed into a repertoire of diverse interior solutions:each designed to make life easier, better and more beautiful than ever before.

For a user or designer, to like a design or texture is not the challenge, the challenge is to like it every single day. Royalé Touché luxury laminates offers some of India’s finest high pressure and compact laminates. It delivers better finishes, better flexibility and better designs. With our luxury laminates, our endeavor is to bring newness and positive change to everyday life. One way of doing this is by introducing a new product every 4 days. Our laminate products are conducive to both vertical and horizontal applications including furniture, laboratories, medical instrumentation, bathroom cubicles, exterior facades, and outdoor furniture. They also perform exceptionally well in high traffic areas such as hotels, office spaces, healthcare institutions, retail and commercial spaces. Product ranges have also been developed around special performance properties including chemical-resistance, fire, stain and wear resistance.